Thursday, 27 October 2011

Have you thought about a magazine subscription?

this issues front cover

I was fortunate enough to be a winner courtesy of Westsound Radio of a 6 month subscription to The Official Jacqueline Wilson Mag. Due to an error on their part and by way of an apology they then extended that to a year.

Fifi is a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan and has all the books suitable for her age group, and she was quite sad when we talked about it coming to an end.

That end was up back in April, and Fifi in her too mature manner for an 8 year old asked me "What are you getting me for my birthday Grandma"
Me - I dont know Fifi your birthday is still seven months away
Fifi - well can I get a subscription for my magazine, and it can start now so I dont miss any?

Well with a request like that I couldn't really say no, so I carried on her magazine as she does love it, reads it from cover to cover and does all the puzzles, colouring etc.

the page of masks
The magazine is A4 sized, and every copy has a lovely free gift with it, a lot of the time a novel, diary, notebook, pencils, sweets or various other things.  This issues freebies are a page full of cut out masks, a colouring book and crayons, some stickers, a sleepover set and a small bag of haribo.
this issues frreebies

drawing and competition page
This magazine is published 3 weekly, and costs me £40 a year, with a quarterly payment of £10, so it is easy to pay up. I find a comic subscription a great way of buying them presents, because like most modern children they have far to much and get far to much for birthdays and Christmas. Little things that disappear into the void that is a pigsty bedroom

never to be seen again, or big things that are a five minute wonder and then never used again.

Fifi loves the comic coming through in the post, always desperate to get into it, and I must admit she will sit for an hour or 2 reading it and doing all the activities, so it is well worth its money and a good idea for a slightly older child like her.

encouraging them to write stories
Luckily enough Fifi has remembered that she has had this for her birthday, which is coming up in the next 3 weeks....and has reminded me she doesn't need anything - now wasn't that nice of her!!

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