Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cheese and Tomato pancakes

Fifi mixed up for us
Well I have mastered pancakes, so why not cheese and tomato pancakes? Yes I know cheese and tomato normally goes with omelette, but have you ever tried making egg free omelette? No neither have I, egg free meringues yes, egg free omelette is beyond even me I think.

nice light and airy
So as I had some cheezley cheese out to make breadsticks with , and to me it is tolerable in things where it is cheese flavoured and you are not actually eating it, but the grandson knows no different and happily eats it.  Mind I have just looked at their website and they do a huge range of cheese that I have never seen locally and I may have to ask them who supplies them. They even do melting ones, cheese on toast, grated on top of tatties and browned under the grill....Bob would be in heaven.

rolled up ready to eat
Anyway I made a pancake mix as here , using home made soya milk and omitting the golden syrup. then stirring in some cut up cheese and  home grown tomatoes.

Cooked as normal pancakes, rolled up and served.

Fifi was not overly keen on these, and only ate half a one, but she has a sort throat and not feeling well. Bob scoffed two of them, and I ate two as well.

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  1. Pancakes are yummy, and those are absolutely delicious!

  2. thanks for linking up another recipe - I have passed on the Cheezley link to my friend for her dairy/egg/soya free son,looks like a great cheese alternative.

  3. Thank you for sharing this dish, I'm trying cheezley out for the first time tonight..might have to use the leftovers for pancakes! I've attached a link to a super easy and very delicious tofu omelet..not as scary as you think!


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