Thursday, 20 October 2011

Discover Channel Discover the Extreme World book

Discover the Extreme World by Miles Kelly is a new book out and the latest in a series of Extreme books. This one is in conjunction with Discovery Channel which should tell you it will be educational as well as fun. It retails at £14.40, but currently sells on Amazon for £9.17 and was released on 22nd September.

My grandchildren both have a love for books, but then so does their mum and myself, I truly believe a child cannot have too many books. This book is no disappointment it is a beautiful hard backed book, from its eye catching front cover which has a nice tactile feel to it as the writing is embossed, right through more than 220 pages of bright eye catching colourful pages. It is slightly larger than A4, and is aimed at age 9-99.

Books like this in my opinion are fabulous, I know it is very easy to say to allow a child access to their computer to do research for homework or a project but I truly believe a book holds its own magic, leaving a child more chance to use their imagination and truly lose themselves in it. If your child goes to a computer to look up a topic, that is probably all they will look at, if they flick through a book to learn something then they generally keep flicking, and this book is definitely designed to keep them flicking.We have all seen Never Ending Story, which rates up there amongst my favourite films of all time,  where Bastian loses himself in the book totally getting drawn in to be in amongst the action, every child should be given the opportunity to experience that feeling.

The book is split into 6 sections, with each section having a list of topics covered in it. with each topic being covered with a 2 page spread of colour photos and very small blocks of text, enough text to be informative but little enough they will read it all and want more.

Active Earth,which covers mountains, volcanoes, rivers, erosion, winds and similar headings,

Awesome Animal which includes such nice sounding section like The gross Factor, Wicked Assassins, Brilliant Builders and Can you see me? amongst others

Incredible Science includes Big Bangs, Deep Freeze, Small World, and  Strange Brains

Ultimate machines includes Droids in Danger, Robo-Zilla, White-knuckle rides and Deep Sea oil rigs

Super Humans including the amazing human body, No place like home, Brilliant brain waves, and fun, fun, fun.

And finally history revealed which covers living dead, wonders of the world, fancy dress and slumdogs and millionaires.

I would recommend this book and I would give it a 10 out of 10.

This is a review post I was given the book in return for a review, this has not influenced my findings and this is a true and honest opinion of the book

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