Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Knitting lessons with Fifi

This post is just to prove that as a grandma I can do more than bake and cook with the grandchildren!!

knitting kit from Galt
Fifi has asked a few times if I could teach her to knit as her friend has started knitting and has been knitting squares. So last week we had our first knitting lesson with Fifi. After all I did do the Persil post last month so thought it would be a good idea to take her up on her request.

Now as I have explained before a lot of time Fifi has a very short attention span if something doesn't interest her, so I did wonder how successful it would be.

On the strength of my Persil post I contacted Galt Toys to see if they would be interested in sending me out a children's learn to knit kit that I could use with her, as primarily I do not have any child sized knitting needles and it is awkward enough to learn to knit without trying to teach her on adult needles.                                                                               
contents of box
So Galt were kind enough to send me out their knit a friend kit . It is suitable for age 8+ and describes itself as " Knit a doll that looks like a friend or yourself! Enough quality supersoft yarn (70% bamboo/ 30% cotton) to make 2 dolls. Following the guide, knit the dolls and their dresses, embroider the faces then knit short or long hair using loop stitch. The guide also includes instructions for a boy doll, fairy doll with wings and a bride and groom! Contents: wool (includes 2 skin and 3 hair colours), knitting needles, stuffing, embroidery thread, bodkin, guide.

this weeks knitting.
So when we received this item we decided to make a start. I decided our best starting point was right at the beginning....how to knit a knit stitch. I casted on 20 stitches and did the first 2 rows to start her off. She managed a few rows last week and 4 rows this week, and she did manage to created a few "button holes" and managed also to increase and we ended up with 24 stitches before she had finished.

So being the nice grandma I am I started her off with a 2nd bit (first bit for bin!!) and she has taken it home with her to do some during the week. Once we have master knit I will introduce purl and then we will progress onto the dolls.

Will keep you posted on our progress. Thanks Galt there will be lots of fun to come yet.

The knitting set was sent to me to review by Galt but the findings are my own.

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