Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What can you make with a pumpkin?

When doing my shopping last week I saw the fact the pumpkins were knocked down in price, so decided to buy one and see what I could come up with it now Halloween is nearly upon us.

Having been mooching around ibakewithout a fellow blogger who also does allergy recipes, and does some inspirational stuff, and advised me best way to make pumpkin purée I set about making some yummy things.

First up was some pumpkin soup. I made use her of my new milk maker which doubles as a fabulous soup maker that  makes soup making so easy. I put 8oz pumpkin purée, 1 red onion cut in half, 2 knorr ham stock cubes, a teaspoon of nutmeg and 30oz water, left the guard off to make puréed soup, switched it on and left it. When finished I added a a packet of noodles ( recipe no longer gluten free, could have added Quinoa) to give it some body, left it to stand for 5 mins and served.

pumpkin roll with spread and jam
texture of roll
Then we went for some pumpkin rolls. This one was easy as the recipe I used the other week for cheesy breadsticks was loved by Bob and it worked out well for what it is, so thought why go for working something else out, when I have a recipe that works?  I left out the cheese and added 5 oz pumpkin purée and 2 teaspoons nutmeg to compliment the pumpkin. These turned out very light and edible, Fifi didn't like them but Bob and I did.

Fifi does the slopping sorry mixing
Then we made Pumpkin cakes. used 12 oz flour mixture  ( I used  7 parts rice flour, 2 parts potato flour and 1 part tapioca flour)1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 tablespoon cyder vinegar , I tablespoon ground flax seed, (mixed with  6 tablespoon warm water),1 teaspoon nutmeg, 4 oz olive oil, 10 oz brown sugar, 4 oz rice milk, 8oz pumpkin purée .

Place dry ingredients into a bowl, mix all wet ingredients together and add to dry.

Place into 24 cake tins, and cook for approx 20mins at 180oC. These cakes tasted very nice and had a good light texture, cant really taste the pumpkin, and is a great way to get hidden veg into kids.

Now as Halloween is coming up I decided to
decorate some of these accordingly, adding some white icing and black icing, made with black food colouring I managed to find in the supermarket.  

 The icing has run on the cake with just the black spider web, but I iced them 18hrs ago.

and we made pumpkin pancakes as well. Recipe on my sponsoring site

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  1. I've only ever made soup with it. Good ideas in this post!

  2. thank you, yes I must admit so had I until now, but I am seriously on a mission to feed the grandson with as many different things as I can!!
    Try them out, and link back with your findings if you like, even if you just try adding them to your normal pancakes, cakes or rolls, Or write me a guest post and I will happily add it


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