Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Guinea Pigs with Grandad

My OH in his ultimate madnesswisdom decidedto rescue 2 guinea pigs from a family round the corner where the  little girl had got them for her birthday but decided she didn't want the responsibility of looking after them, and as mummy doesn't like the things she stuck them on freecycle and "we" answered the ad saying "we" wanted them.

I made it quite plain to OH that "we" is the Royal "we" and I have no interest in them at all, got enough to do without other things to feed and worry about. But as you can see "we" have them anyway!!!
Bob and granddad went out to them whilst the kids were ere last night and Bob was feeding them carrot - and yes I know carrot is a treat and we shouldn't give them a full one just a small piece but it was to keep Bobs fingers away from the teeth.

So here you are meet the lighter coloured new member of our family...who by the way does not have a name and I don't see the point in giving him or his brother one as I doubt they will ever answer to it if I shout them anyway
Fifi had been out at them but I was busy at the time and never got chance to take her photo with them, next week maybe.

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  1. Love it - such nice little hands the guinea pig has.


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