Sunday, 9 October 2011

Model Railway Exhibition Ayr

There is only one thing  Bob likes more than than tractors and diggers which he is totally nuts about (and why I called him Bob on here after Bob the builder) and that is trains, he is totally trains mad and has masses of them at home and his train track is pulled out every time he is here.

Fifi has two hobbies apart from her swimming, dancing and horse riding, and one of them is taking photographs. Her and granddad will wander off talking angles, direction, lighting, position and other such technical terms that go way over my head. I have no interest  and the only photos I ever take are for my blog and they lack in everything that a good photograph should have and horrify my dear hubby!!

So when events such as a Model Railway exhibition comes to Ayr courtesy of Ayr Model Railway Group  then it gives my daughter a chance to take both of the grandchildren to do something they enjoy at the same time.

So whilst Bob wanders round looking at the trains Fifi is kneeling down, moving round to get the train in the right place etc etc to come up with some cracking pictures, These pictures were all taken by her with no adult input at all as granddad was not there to advise her or prompt her and her mother has as much interest in photography as I have.

I used one of her pictures for my Silent Sunday today, and am putting some more here for you to have a look at, Im biased I know but I really feel she does very well with her £30 point and shoot digital camera she got for her Christmas last year.

I have uploaded here a few pictures that appealed to me, and if you are at all interested there are some more to see here
so why not go have a look at the others.

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  1. oh lovely photos! my other half really likes model trains and has built a few in the past but they take up sooo much room we always end up havign to get rid of them to make way for something else, he is desperate for my boys to like them but so far they are not too intrested.. well doen to your grandaughter!


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