Saturday, 1 October 2011

Flora Cuisine cake

I saw a tv advert a few weeks ago for new Flora Cuisine, go read about it here, and as I use oil in a lot of my baking I thought I had to give it a try. I use oil in my baking as it works better than soya margarine in gluten/egg/dairy free cookery as it is a liquid and gluten free flour needs more liquid than normal flour, and as a lot of my baking is egg free as well oil is a great thing to use.Also like the oil as it means I don't need a food processor and it is easier for the kids to make a cake on their own as their is no creaming needed.

So I decided to give this product a try, and here are my thoughts and findings.

So I decided to make a cake using 150g of Cuisine, 150g sugar, 3 eggs and 300g self raising flour. On pouring the oil into the bowl I realised I should have poured it into something I could measure in for although the bottle  is marked in 50ml measures the oil is a creamy yellow colour and it takes a few minutes for the bottle to settle enough to see how much you have used.

It mixed up easy enough as you would expect, but I did find that I needed a couple of tablespoons of milk to get what I would consider a normal consistency, but I often do anyway, so nothing different about it.

I cooked up the cakes ( approx 14mins at 180 oC), and left them to cool.

Verdict - the cakes were very light and moist, and certainly not as oily as when I use oil in the cooking, they had a much more normal cake taste. I may add here there is nothing unpleasant about cakes made with oil then are by nature more oily and therefore more moist than a cake made with solid margarine. Very pleasant end product, and will certainly use again.

Here are a couple of them with some vanilla butter icing ( for which I used vitalite not cuisine), note Im trying to get posher, bought an icing set as well!!

ps - yesterday I popped into my local matalan as I wanted an unchipped dinner plate, tea plate and bowl to use in blog photography, very few of my remaining plates are unscathed....picked up 1 of each at £1 a piece and then heading to the checkout there was a stand with for sale stuff on....and there was a 16 piece set (4 mugs, small plates, dinner plates and bowls) for £4......couldn't believe I promptly dumped gently placed back on shelf the 3 single items and picked up a dinner set for £1 more....then decided might as well go the whole hog and buy 2, so came home and chucked all my old chipped ones in the bin...nicely in right place at right time.

This is not a sponsored post it is just my findings on a product I have used.


  1. I like the idea that they still taste good, not too oily its great you are testing different products and sharing your findings x

  2. thanks Sadie, no if I come across something really nice then I like to share, helps other people make decisions. certainly makes baking with kids much easier.

  3. Wow! A great deal on crockery there! I've not noticed this product before, but might try it some time. I love moist cake, nothing worse than a dry sponge cake. (which is incidentally how my last one turned out)

  4. Interesting to see how this compares to the Stork one - I'll try that again with a different recipe and smaller cakes though, as I think it would work better. Great bargain for the tableware ! :)


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