Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bob wanted to make cakes for E

Bob really does get quite excited by the idea of having E over at this end that he can make "Bob safe" cakes for E  and her mummy S and that she eats them, somebody outside the family who eats this very acquired taste that "Bob safe" actually is.

So while Fifi was adding a few pages to her scrapbook, a project that will take a few weeks and I will post about once finished, we made some "E friendly" cakes. Now E is 17, just started college and has pals to hang around with so I dont think she is quite as excited by this as Bob is but he loves taking cakes to her and she readily accepts them with a smile, a kind word and a conversation.

We made orange cakes with orange flavoured icing.

Bob decorating his cakes
we used 110g flora cuisine as it makes for moister cakes than tub margarine
added 70g of frusianna
 mixed with 2 teaspoons of orange essence
and 1 teaspoon of glycerin
and 1 heaped tablespoon of flaxseed soaked for about 20 mins in 6 tablespoons water
once mixed we added 120 g buckwheat flour
40 potato flour
and 40 g tapioca flour

and added 1 tablespoon of water as mix was a bit dr.popped them into a dozen cake cases

cooked at 180o for 15 mins

once cool we made icing with a small amount of icing sugar, no I didn't weight it, and mixed with 1 teaspoon of the orange essence and enough cold water to get desired consistency
the finished product

These cakes were very nice and surprisingly light considering what's missing.

This is a review post with items supplied by Healthy Supplies, but the findings are my own.


  1. Thank you so much for the cakes,Spideyman! We ate them all last night and they were supertasty!! - E xx


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