Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What medicine does a mutliple allergy child carry?

When Bob comes on a Monday night believe me he does anything but Travelling light!!. There are obviously the usual clothes you would expect, sometimes he brings his toy of the moment, but thats where it stops being normal.


Bob brings two extra bags with him, his "normal" medicine bag, if "normal" is the correct word for a medicine bag for a 5 yr old child, this contains 3 inhalers and a spacer, 2 different antihistamines and and 2 different asthma tablets.

Secondly his emergency bag, this has to go with him everywhere, it is as much a part of him as shoes are for your child when they go out. Doesn't matter if he is going out for the day or up to the local shop with his mum, it goes with him. He has one at school for use during school hours, but his home one is carried to cover between home and school.

This bag is a proper recognised Medical  bag  from a company called yellowcross. They have a huge range of bags but my daughter chose one that makes into a back pack which makes it easy for a 5 year old to carry, leaves his hands free and it is very easy at a quick glance to see he has it with him.

the Culzean Castle sticker doesn't come with it

This bag conatins 2 epi-pens in case he goes into anaphylactic shock, a spacer and blue inhaler in case he has trouble breathing, prednisolone in case he comes into contact with something he shouldn't, antihistamine with a syringe for the same reason, and cream to dull down any reaction. Some or all of these may be required at different stages of a reaction.

This runs in the family, so not to abnormal for us, I carry antihistamine tablets, prednisolone and a blue inhaler every where I go. I keep mine in a small tupperware, I keep one in the glove compartment of the car, I have one in my work bag ( which stays in my locker) and I carry one dose of each tablet in my purse which goes in my uniform pocket and a blue inhaler as well. 

In the medicine cupboard in the living room cupboard I have taped together the 3 medicines clearly labelled with large writing as to what they are so they are easy to see and identify for anybody if I need them, I haven't for over a year but you never know. Bob is quite pleased to know that last time I had a problem I needed an ambulance, so he knows its not just him.


  1. G has many of the above and she is only 18 months old. We have the inhalers, spacers, prendisolone, Montelukast salts, piriton. Luckily it looks like she might be ok without the epi-pen as she is "only" confirmed to be allergic to eggs and sesame. She was ok at her peanuts test, we have a few more "nuts" to do. It is hard, but this amazing private doctor that I take her to, an expert in childhood asthma, says that 75% of kids grow out of it by the time they are 7 or 8...and that is 6 years away for us, but I can only but hope! I hope Bob improves too, good luck.

    1. we can only hope. my kids outgrew asthma about 15-16 but still have hayfever and eczema in their 30's. He will never out grow allergies as you dont, but some of his intolerances may improve. The older I have got the more I become unable to eat.


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