Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Birthday to Daughter No1

Well I did one for the granddaughter, so got to do one for her mummy, so Happy 10th birthday daughter dear - well you can only be 10 as I'm only 29, if you remember rightly I refused to become 30, therefore you must have stopped at 10 surely?? No oh well happy birthday anyway.

Heres a few pics for you to look back on. Here you are my first born child, at 2 weeks old out in the February sunshine, most of the snow that fell when you were 4 days old had cleared so we took you out to get some pictures. I have one somewhere of you in your bouncy chair taken the same day with panda, your life long companion your Aunty Coral bought you that you still have to this day.

Here you are on your 3rd birthday, complete with your badge, and your sister with drool running off her chin. How horrible a mummy I was dressing you in matching dresses that I bought you for Christmas.

Then there came your first day at school, not a day you were overly keen on, but you went off dressed in a hand knitted cardigan looking oh so grown up. My little girl was no longer a little girl.

Here is you having a mad moment with your sister, you were 9 here.

And finally I shall stop with you looking very smart on your first day at high school. I didn't dig out the embarrassing ones. the likes of your white pointy skirt at your brothers birthday.

Happy Birthday Daughter dear, and thank you for being my daughter. Love from Mum xx

 By way of a birthday celebration we have done you a birthday tea. The kids made cards for you, and beautiful they are as well. Haven't put Fifis one up as it contains too many family names.

Bobs Dr Who card

Your birthday cake was made using the recipe on the back of the Doves farm flour bag, the ensuing sponge was more pleasant as small cakes than a large one, but such is gluten free baking.

We also had marshmallow cakes, you can find the recipe here , and coco-pops crispie cakes, made by melting 2 oz marge with 2 oz golden syrup and 2 bars Kinnerton chocolate and stirring in coco-pops and made them into a heart lolly

and lastly we had some mush, I made this with 2 bars orange carob, melted with 2 tubs alpro soya cream, and once melted I stirred through a mixture of sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds that were put through a blender with some chopped dates and apricots.

a birthday cake

Fifi and Bob blew the candles out for mummy

the marshmallow cake

the mush
 and to see my daughter with her cake, you will need to go and see my picture of the day for project 366


  1. What a lovely post! Made me a bit tearful, in a good way x

    1. thank you, it doesnt seem that long since she was born some how


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