Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A review of Gorgeous George & The Giant Geriatric Generator

I was asked if I fancied reviewing this new book , Gorgeous George & The Giant Geriatric Generator
by Stuart Reid. Well Fifi loves reading, and we read most weeks when they are here, so we said yes please. We were sent this as both a download and a physical book to look at and read. The press release we got with the book says

Gorgeous George & The Giant Geriatric Generator is an exciting and funny tale following a young boy, George and his Grandpa Jock as they fight to take down the evil Mr Watt’s power plant. Rude, crude and packed with hilarious dialogue and strange events. The book was written to encourage children, particularly boys to read more often, as a self-read for ages 9+ but also to make bedtime reading fun for younger children and their parents. It’s funny, yucky,imaginative and very entertaining.

The author, Stuart Reid has embarked on a book reading tour throughout Scotland and England. He has already presented and read from his book to over 5,000 pupils at a number of different schools. Current bookings at schools and various venues mean he will be reading to at least another 30,000 pupils over the next 12 months.

Bogies, baddies, bagpipes and bums! Farting, false teeth and fun!
Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator begins when George witnesses something rather disturbing from his bedroom window late one night. Maybe it was a UFO or a ghostly apparition, or maybe it’s even more sinister.
Whatever it was, nobody believes him. People are disappearing fast and no one seems to care.
Comedian and writer Arthur Smith says about the book, “Hilarious and excellent - I particularly liked ‘blanket of rancid cabbages’ . Fart on, George and Stuart”

Fifi has been reading this on her kindle, as well as us reading it together in an evening.

We loved the front cover of the book, bright colourful and funny. The book itself was a nice read and we found as it has nice short paragraphs that it is an ideal book for us to share read, whereby I read one paragraph and Fifi the next. She loves to do this as it helps her understand the few words she doesnt know, and I love it as bonding time. It is designed for age 9+, and Fifi is 9 and has a good reading age, and this book for me offers what a book should- a good read, that stretches the reader, offers them a challenge and makes them want to read more as they are enjoying it.

Bob likes looking at the illustrations in the book as we share read it, and even at 5 years old enjoys the book, understanding enough to find it funny and enjoyable. Fifi has the download on her kindle but is also enjoying the paper back version

Fifi says she found different parts of the book scary, others funny, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Her review says
I have read 6 chapters of the book so far and thought it was quite interesting. I struggled with a few of the words but my grandma helped me. I have enjoyed what I read but the first few pages in Chapter 1 I thought were scary. I thought chapter  was funny because Mr Watt was annoyed because old people and young people were out and about instead of at home wasting energy and electricity.
 So there you go, we would give the book 10 out of 10.

We were sent the book and the download for free, but this review remains honest.

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