Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Project 366 #60

duplo bricksThis was the kids playing away nicely together last night while I tidied round the kitchen for 10 mins. They emptied all the bricks out of the box they are stored in and then made this double bed for Mum and F, who are lying in bed watching tv, can just be seen on the rhs of box. Now they must come from a posh house as this tv unit has built into it a dvd player, a freeview box as well as the tv.
But when I asked what they were watching the disagreements started, showing the difference in the sexes, Mum was watching Friends, dont think mum does but Fifi loves the program, but according to Bob they were watching football, as F does.

Not quite sure why Mum and F have got toys in bed with them, but brown bunny and baby Dudley are the toys the kids use here in bed.


  1. I would just like to point out that mum and F don't even have a TV in their room, never mind all the added extras! Mum watches Friends when forced to by Fifi, and F watches football on every third blue moon or so.....

  2. Oh, they've got those all right lol!

  3. ahhh bless them. Great photo x

    1. not the best photo, I just liked the imagination and wanted to capture it.


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