Thursday, 16 February 2012

Happy 16th Birthday Tango

Well Monday was a double celebration, but we put this one off till the 14th instead. She is a valuable member of our family, so Happy 16th birthday Tango ( or short dog as you more readily get called).

We rescued her at 18 months old, and all we can suss out from her history is she must have had a gripe with a black dog cos boy oh boy does she hate them.

You love to play in the snow, chase sticks up and down hills, swim in rivers and take long walks. You had a fabulous 6 years living on the farm with all the exciting smells and walks right on your doorstep.

You live for your home comforts, why sleep on the floor when a couch or a bed will do? Why eat out of a dish when dad will hand feed you biscuits?

Your getting older now, and struggle to walk far, but we have plenty of pictures of you, and when you feel like it you can still bounce around like a young thing, just watch to the end of the video to see

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