Friday, 24 February 2012

Shows your never too old to need your mummy! :-)

I just love my kids to bits, but there are times where they can be a bit of a nuisance, and their timing can be a bit off.

I was in the shower, complete with shampoo in my hair, water in my lugs and shower gel all over me, when hubby answers the phone last night to a call from daughter No2, who wanted to talk to me, hubby explained I was in the shower but no she needed to speak to me NOW! So hubby comes up the stairs to which I tell him (nicely of course) that Im in the shower covered in shampoo and bubbles and I will phone her back in five minutes. Now I am thinking that this is some sort of emergency where maybe both her arms have dropped off or shes left her head behind, or her dog needs rescuing and it could not wait. So I stagger out the shower dripping every where as I go (not a pretty sight  I can assure you) shampoo getting in the eyes to answer the call.

Well daughter tells me she is at Belfast Airport and is picking up the hire car that the business her company has paid for but they want a deposit against the fuel in case the tank is not full when she brings the car back. But she has a visa electron card for the day to day bank account she uses and they dont take electron, so would I put her the money into her other bank account that she has a normal visa debit card for so she can pay the deposit with it. Cos she cant get the car till her deposit is paid. It wasnt as though she didn't have money it was just not where they needed it to be and they wouldn't take cash

I got her to agree to let me finish rinsing off before I had to do it, so I pop back into the shower, the hall carpet having suffered a soggy patch by now, and finished off the rinsing process before I go down to my laptop and log onto the wonder that is online banking and transfer money instantly from my account to hers. Luckily enough we are the sort of family that due to the fact we all get paid at different times of the month tend to have elastic money that goes from account to account as and when the other may need it so the checks had all been done and the transfer was literally instant.

I updated my status on Facebook to read

why is it kids only want you when you in the shower with a head full of shampoo?
 her reply (amongst others) was Thats ur 30 (and a bit) yr old children too! Show ur never 2 old 2 need ur mummy! :-)
my reply to that was

 nice to be loved enough to be wanted ******, Im actually privileged to be wanted, although your timing could have been better.

I do feel privileged that they still want and need me in their lives- I obviously did a better job of loving them than my mother did on me!!

Thanks for making me feel needed.


  1. its lovely that you have a good relationship with your daughter and she knows se can call on you even if you are in the shower :) x

    1. Yes Sarah, they did go through the normal teenage rebellion but have grown to be beautiful people both inside and out and I'm proud of every one of them.

  2. I hope that my daughter will be the same.....but hopefully with better timing!


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