Friday, 13 April 2012

Aprils items from Healthy Supplies

I have chosen my items this month and what I was thinking of doing with them.

I ordered some more Kamut flour as I loved the results from last month and wanted to try other options with it. I made dairy free cheese rolls, and some cheese and tomato bread. I fancied trying a sweet bread with dried fruit with this flour.

I also ordered up some Einkorn flour, similar idea to the kamut so I wanted to try it see how it compares. Also topped up on potato, buckwheat and plain flour as well for pancakes, cakes and the normal baking.

I ordered up more dried fruit to use on my baking, and some saffron, dried peppers and paprika that I fancy trying in my bread as well as main meals.

I have a notion for trying different types of barm cake and ordered up coconut water, carrot juice and pomegranate juice as well to try this with.

Feel I blog too much baking and not enough cooking recipes so to this end I am trying rice noodles and tofu. If you have any favourite recipes you would like to suggest I am open to ideas.

Finally my last choices were purely indulgent items just because I love herbal teas.

the green box is sleepy time Chamomile and mint, ideal to help me sleep at night, the red box are apple and cinnamon, and the blue box are  cinnamon and apple spice  sleepy time extra with chamomile and Valerian
 these three sounded very yummy. Also feel the apple and cinnamon one would to nice to soak fruit in and use in cake or bread.

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