Monday, 23 April 2012

Project 366 114/366

Auntie H came over tonight with Bobs present from last week, and then proceeded to have "fun" trying to build it with them.

She bought him a Doctor Who Cyberman Conversion Chamber set as he is Dr Who daft and it is designed for age 5 upwards - so how difficult could it be?

As you can see Bob has given up and is looking totally bored, and the other two were not fairing much better. This kit might have to go across the road to E who likes her lego to build (hint hint E)

But I must say bed tome stories went down much better

 Thanks for your company earlier daughter dear, kids enjoyed it too.

update on the lego


and finished

Well done Bob and mummy. all I can say is thank goodness cos I didn't fancy doing it

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