Thursday, 19 April 2012

Making a scrapbook with Fifi.

I find it quite difficult as the grandchildren get older to find things for presents for them that are different and novel. She had been bought a digital camera the year before and has had fun taking pictures. Granddad has been helping her develop some skills but she has quite a good eye already.

So as part of Fifis' Christmas last year I bought her a scrapbook kit and promised her she could pick some pictures that we would get printed for her to add to it, and we would spend time together making it up. This has allowed her to mix her hobby of taking pictures with her love of crafting without making too much mess.

She chose all the pictures herself, some of the pictures she chose were ones she had taken herself, and others were of her or her friends, basically she chose pictures that she liked.

The picture she has used for her  front cover was taken when granddad was showing her how to experiment with self-portraits. She took the picture in black and white using the camera on a tripod and setting a timer, and taking the picture in a mirror, this was the result of about half an hours work, she is quite rightly very proud of this one.

The trains pictures are two from over a hundred she took at a model railway exhibition that was on locally last year.She took some very impressive angles and strange views, but she took them as she saw them.

My favourite  is the shadow picture she took of granddad taking a picture at Culzean Castle.

The pictures show some of her interests and hobbies, some taken on varying days out, as well as some of her friends, her birthday party and last years holiday.

The back picture is one of the bubble pictures taken last year, and she looks so beautiful in it.

We got a lot of pleasure out of making this, and she is very proud of the fabulous finished item.  

I ordered our pictures from Photobox as it was recommended to me. I found their website easy to use, quick to upload, allowed you to crop your pictures, and it even threw up a warning message that one of the pictures might not be good enough quality once printed. The delivery was impressively quick, and the quality of pictures was in my opinion excellent.

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