Monday, 16 April 2012

Making Bobs' birthday cake.

Well we only have Fifi tonight, as it is Bobs birthday tomorrow he didn't want to come so he didn't miss out in the morning.

So Fifi and I were on cake decorating duties. Before she got here I made the cake as we would not have time to make, bake, cool and decorate in the time span we have.

I made two circular sandwich and a rectangle. I cut the rectangle in half to make an oblong.

The two circular pieces we cut the middles out of them using a pastry cutter, to make polo shapes, put one on top of the other to make the bottom of a No6,  and trimmed the oblong diagonally to make  the straight bit at the top.

We put jam in the middle and used butter icing with a bar or orange flavour carob melted and stirred through it to use on the outside.

I then took jelly tots, Morrison build a burger sweets and Morrisons' banana sweets, all Bob safe sweets, and decorated the top of the cake.

Ladies and gentleman I give you Bobs cake in all its glory

number six birthday cake

While we were being creative Fifi and I were eating the offcuts off of the cake.

And just to prove we are as normal as the rest of you, at least while Bob is not around, we made pancakes for tea, using proper milk, eggs and self raising flour and made proper pancakes at Fifis' request.

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