Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring time use of The bug dome.

asco bug dome
bug hunting with granddad
After the hard work was done on tuesday , we decided on some fun time. Now it has been beautiful here for weeks, and the back garden has been alive with woodlice and all sorts of crawling beasties, so we decided Bob and granddad would go on a bug hunt and we would use the bug dome we received in the middle of December. Now as we live in Scotland then today has been a total contrast in weather from what we have had, and it has been snowing. So off the toddled to the garden complete with a jacket on and a hood up to hunt beasties, and let me tell you they were very thin on the ground. We managed to find one woodlouse, and one centipede, and we also took a worm out of the wormery.

the wood louse shows his legs
We popped the beasties into the dome, not overly easy with live wiggly things, and Bob was warned not to press too hard and squash them. Unfortunately they all seem to make straight for the gap in the edge between the plastic dome and the green edge.
If we shook the dome gently then we could get the beasties back to the middle to view them, and it certainly magnifies them well and made for an interesting conversation on legs, how many they have and how does a worm move as it has no legs. We also discussed how quick they move and that the beasties with lots of legs can run quicker than the worm can crawl.

bug hunting
enjoying the viewing.

We were sent this item to review a few months back, this second post  is because Bob enjoyed  it. 

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