Sunday, 8 April 2012

What have I been making this month

In my last package of stuff from healthy supplies I got some tamarind, and with this I made

  • tamarind ice-cream
  • fajitas
  • tamarind yoghurt

With the fruit purées I have

as a filling and for serving
as an icing, and to flavour cakes
  • flavoured ice-cream
  • used as an ice cream sauce
  • flavoured yoghurt, brilliant for kids as its purée so no lumps
  • flavoured cakes
  • made icing with it
  • used with butter icing in a sponge

the sundried tomatoes, which I found really needed a good soak before you could use them, or cook them in a stew/casserole

  • sausage and sun-dries tomato casserole
  • kamut cheese and tomato bread, soaked them in the oil overnight before adding them and oil
  • pizza

The kamut flour

tomato bread with cold meat and tomato
  • cheese and tomato bread
  • dairy free cheese bread

the sesame/sunflower/pumpkin/melon seeds have been used
a mushed seed cake

  • mushed up together in carob.mush
  • used in cakes mushed up
  • mushed up and sprinkled over cereals

Thr yoyo bears were eaten and enjoyed, a nice tangy easy to eat snack

and the beetroot juice we used in the chocolate and beetroot cake. 

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