Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Just Bob all on his own

Last night was a strange one for Bob, a night away from home without his big sister. He depends on her far to heavily and does not like her being away from him at all. But she is nearly ten, she has different needs and desires to him, and loves to go and stay with her friends. She is best friends with K, who we took with us for a day out last year when we won a pass for a local day out, who use to live local to her but has moved down the coast so they don't see each other as often as they use to.

Auntie H decorating

Anyway I decided the best bet for Bob was a full evening of things to do, which after he had had his tea started with a visit across the road to E and to decorate up Easter biscuits I had made earlier in the day. Bob has autistic  tendencies and its too much for him on his own to make them, bake them, wait on them cooling and then decorate them, so I had them ready to go.

Bob decorating
Es' Egg
So Bob, Auntie H and I toddled off to Es' house along with said biscuits and icing, decorations and icing pens to have fun with. Es' mum had lent me some Easter cookie cutters that she has, and so I made sheep, chickens, eggs and bunnies for the three of them to decorate. The recipe can be found here if you want to have a go
Es' sheep

 The results showed how much fun they had. You can see Bobs here, and Es' were very artistic

We have been blog wandering again and found Lesley on Scottish Mums blog is running a competition and this is my entry for the Bosch Dishwasher link up.

 We had a few tears at bed time as Fifi wasnt here, but a kiss and a cuddle and we were soon settled down. He got to sleep in the big bed, he normally sleeps in a thomas sleeping bag on the floor, and he thought this was brilliant, though I had half expected to find him in his own bed in the morning.

I made sure this morning we had a full schedule of activities planned, is so much easier with only the one age group and one childs interests to cater for. After breakfast whilst I went for a shower I left Bob sat up the table playing with cbeebies on the laptop

Once I was dressed I decided we would make a start on planting seeds for the allotment and the greenhouse, this I thought would be educational as it involved counting seeds, learning about half and full, and different sizes of seeds, also gives Bob a better understanding of where food comes from, He was a tad disappointed when I had to tell him they would not be big enough to eat next week, months is a hard concept for a 5yr old.

half fill with compost

1 seed in the middle of each

oops we made a mess!!

finished result

Bob feeding the shredder
Granddad put him to work after this fun activity, showing him how magic a shredder was, you out one piece of paper in and get lots out the bottom.

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