Sunday, 1 July 2012

Great Garden Moments competition entry

I was sent an e-mail a while ago about a competition being run by Furniture Village called Great Garden Moments, and they were asking
We'd like to find out why you love your garden and offer you the chance to share your great garden moments with us in an inspiring gardens image gallery in our online magazine.
We're inviting all who have a passion for gardening, a love of photography and their own blog to enter our Great Garden Moments Competition.

Now I wasn't going to bother this this as we have  quite a small garden with a separate allotment, and was expecting the standard of entry to be from people with big posh gardens that were stunning and out of this world, but with no offence meant to the other very worthy contestants they all seem to be more down to earth functional gardens that are lived in, played in and loved like mine.

So I have decided to have a go, the link has long gone but the post still fun.

So why do I love my garden? Well it is a great place for the grandchildren to play whether that is

picking daisies and making daisy chains

playing with their water pistols


hiding in the wee trees foliage

Also like the wild life you can get in a garden from

parents collecting worms


inquisitive robins

you might see dragon flies

or watch bees at work

Then it can be used for the pets to enjoy

chasing things up trees

or relaxing in the sun

Then of course  there is the pleasure of the transformation

from bare when you move in

to blooming nicely three years later

which allows you to take nice pictures of the plants enjoying the rain 

The last garden was the best we ever had - 

from the free range chickens

to the view over the house from a genie that was doing building work

even the actual building work itself

looked beautiful reflected in the rain water

Thank you for coming to look at my garden I hope you enjoyed your tour.


  1. oh wow hun looks amazing x

  2. I like the fact that your entry isn't about how it looks, more about the pleasuer it brings to all who use it.

    1. thanks Elaine, my garden is not a show piece and with the heavy clay soils we have never will be, but it is well utilised and brightened up by the pots

  3. Love your photos, and so nice to see you all enjoying your garden so much. If it would just stop raining for 5 mins we could get out in ours too! Good luck with your comp :O)

  4. I like you garden because there is always something fun going on in there! I hope you win this comp- you deserve it! Your pictures speak volumes and I enjoy the story that they tell. Pretty borders and fancy pots are all very well- but laughter, smiles and joy make a garden great! You're blessed- you have it all ;0)


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