Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our shopping trip to TKMaxx

I was one of ten bloggers picked by TKMaxx to take part in the challenge. The challenge was
We want you each to show off your own style and put together your own outfits,while at the same time keeping to a budget. With your voucher you can buy acomplete outfit, pieces to combine with something from your closet.

So who are TKMaxx
At TK Maxx we offer our shoppers a huge range of brands with up to 60% off recommended retail prices.
Our team of buyers deals directly with thousands of designers and brand owners all over the world. And then we pass the savings onto our customers.
The majority of our stock is fashionable, current season merchandise while a small percentage is past season (always clearly labelled) or timeless classics.
We really don’t want to boast but we do secretly think our concept is a little bit unique, and that’s why our commitment is to bring our customers big labels at small prices.

So Bob and I set off to our local shop to see what we could come up with. First off we did Bob's shopping. We had already discussed that Bob did not need t-shirts as he has plenty, so we headed off to the correct aisle to see what we could find that Bob liked. Now Bob is less than a meter tall and this puts him into approx 3 year old clothes, and as always the problem is getting him something suitable.

the red jumper
combat trousers

First off Bob picked a red hooded top that he liked, he looks good in red, he likes hoods and to make him even happier it had a pocket at the front for his hands, they only had this in an age 4, was slightly too big but the elasticated cuffs fold back so it was fine. The top has a grey design on the front, and so we went off to the trousers to see if we could find something to match it.

Bob found a pair of grey camouflage trousers,he didn't pick them just because they matched the top, his other reason behind this was they have an elasticated waist with no zip or button, which means they should stay up better than trousers with fitted waists bands.


the canvas shoes
So from here we worked out how much money we had left for him to spend and he wanted to look at a pair of trainers to go with his new trousers. So off we toddled and he looked at various shoes, but settled for surprise surprise a pair of canvas shoes with Thomas the Tank. That was his outfit completed, but we had some money left to spare, and so he went back and picked up a pair of shorts he had seen that he fancied and I had negotiated on that we would go back to once he had an outfit if there was enough left.

That was a fairly quick and simple procedure, so then we decided we would move on to looking for something for me.

the complete outfit

Now I have to admit I am a "larger lady" and they really do not do much for people like me. I looked round a lot of the rails, but struggle to find much to be honest with you. It did lead us to discussions on the shape of rails, some of them went all the way round in circles, some of them were oval like the train tracks he builds and others were just in a straight line. We read the front of t-shirts, we discussed what we liked and scary ones that we didnt, and Bob wondering how adult clothes are sized in comparison to children's done by age.

I found two very nice tops that will go with black trousers, (which I have,)  but it was possible to make an outfit as such there were no skirts or trousers suitable for me. I also picked up some socks and there is a little bit of money left on my card.

All in all for Bob it was a successful day with a complete outfit bought, for myself two very nice tops to complement items in my wardrobe.

We had fun, we talked about sizes, colours, textures, shapes and adding up. Bob is hoping time he is 9 he will fit into a top he liked that was for age 6....I wont hold my breath!!

If you would prefer save the hassle of dragging your little darlings kicking and screaming  round the shops with you then you can shop online as well.


  1. Nice to hear about your shopping trip, I love hearing the strategy behind the purchases.

  2. It's really interesting to hear how you talked to Bob whilst you was looking around clothes for yourself. Talking about the shapes of rails and words on tops etc, it's certainly something I might be giving a try with my children to keep them entertained whilst I'm trying to look at Mummy stuff! Great strategy :)

    1. he was getting a bit bored, and it was to save any hassle,and it does work.


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