Saturday, 21 July 2012

Project 366 203/366

popped along to check on the allotment earlier....and look we may get corn yet...none of the plants are any taller than 2 ft, but they have thickened and at least eight of them have the starting of a cob. Maybe we will get something from the allotment this year, though don't think I will need to worry about freezer space somehow.


  1. I wish we had the space to grow more in our garden. Its exciting watching everything grow x

  2. We used to gro sweetcorn on our allotment. A jamaican chap told us to plant it in a group rather than a row as it pollinates better. He bid us good luck and said we'll never beat his.
    Well come august ours were literally 'as high as an elephants eye'! We swapped a couple of cobs with the jamaican chap and he admitted ours was better!
    Fresh from the allotment is the best for sweetcorn!!


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