Saturday, 28 July 2012

Project 366 210/366

There is to be major building work going on in and around our street starting soon. At the end of the cul-de-sac they are removing this grasses area and the car park at the top to build some flats on. Our car parking spaces are already over crowded without the cars that parked on this ground coming further into the street.

Our street is only one car wide as it is and to pass cars have to drive on the pavement. goodness knows how they feel they are going to get construction traffic in and out without causing major damage and upheaval. 

the fenced off area for development, right next to the houses
 A piece of history in the making is this inspiration for today's picture. 


  1. Great Idea to photograph the before, when we had our house built, I came over everyday to photograph the progress, I think I used to annoy the workmen to be honest, but who cares, it was great to track the progress

    1. we did the same at the farm when the farmer did all the building work, we have hrs of video footage and hundreds of photos from the very first hole to the completion and a lot of it was fascinating. even got pics of one of the delivery lorries that ran off the narrow road and rolled over

  2. I don't envy you living near a building site...when we moved into our house there was still a lot being built on our estate & they had to drive the diggers & dumpers past our house all day long as the site office was next was awful & we constantly had mud splattered up the windows & doors!


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