Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Project 366 263/366

My picture tonight was inspired by Helen who wrote this post yesterday, and as I have lots of cooking chocolate I decided to make this.

I melted 4oz dairy free margarine and  a bar of cooking chocolate in a large pan along with 4oz malt extract instead of the usual golden syrup. Once melted I removed it from the heat and added a combination of chopped dried apricots, chopped dried figs, sultanas, sunflower sesame poppy and pumpkin seeds and then some cornflakes to make the mixture the right consistency.

Placed into a lined baking tin and sprinkled some white glitter on top and then placed in the fridge until set.

Very nice it is too.


  1. ooh I bet these were really nice, especially with the seeds in too...I would love them but my kids wouldn't though!
    Thanks for the mention

  2. Sounds like a slightly healthier alternative to Ricky Road - yum!x


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