Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The "I made this" Meme

I was tagged by Cheryl over at Madhouse Family Reviews to join in with this meme and competition, that was started by Mellow Mummy . The idea of this meme is
 Maybe you are proud of the blog you write.  Maybe there was a special moment when your children made you think, "I Made This". Perhaps you decorated a room or created a work of art, perhaps something you grew or cooked made you feel awesome. Tell me about your "I Made This" moment.  You don't need to wait for the tag before you can enter 

I have made a few things (apart from my children) that  I am proud of and so I am going to share one of them with you.

When my daughter told me she was expecting my first grandchild, I was over the moon, and as at the time I was into cross stitching I decided to make what I hoped would turn into a family keepsake.

Here is the first cross stitch picture I made;

So I decided to make a cross stitch cot blanket. I started off with a baby afghan blanket that I spent about ten hours picking out the outside 2inches of threads all the way round and tying them together in four's.

making the tassels

Next up I decided on  a Winnie the pooh theme as both my daughter and I like pooh, and as we did not know at this stage if we were having a boy or a girl pooh is suitable for either sex. I chose a calender that I could break down into twelve separate pictures and place in various parts of the blanket. I did six pictures one way up on the top and;

the top end

and then turned the blanket upside down and did six others on the other end;

the bottom end

a close up of one of the twelve pictures;

and next off I stitched a verse down the middle;

and once she was born I added her name, weight and date of birth.

It was not ready when she was born as she was ten weeks early. As this was for a baby I had to put a backing on to prevent getting her little fingers caught in the threads. So as I was backing it I also put a light padding in.

with the backing added

When Bob was born I did a Humprey's corner blanket for him, similar but different. My daughter could not find this for me to take photographs of.

I think these make great keepsakes, Fifi's one was well used, loved and dragged around for quite a few years, Bob's was used in his cot but he never really attached to it in the way his sister did, she still likes to take a blanky to bed and she is nearly ten.

Mellow Mummy goes on to tell you;
And, as an added incentive to get involved in the meme I'm offering a £50 Amazon voucher to the person who best encapsulates the "I Made This" feeling in their blog post. From all the entries to the "I Made This" linky on the 15th October, my celebrity judge, Heather Young from Young & Younger and Growing Spaces will choose the blog post which she feels best offers creative style, originality and relevance and which is able to put a big smile on her face.
And that's not all you've got to be excited about. No! For every blogger you tag or let know about the competition who then choses to enter the meme competition you get another chance to win. I am offering a £25 voucher as a thank you if the winning meme was written by someone you referred so even if you don't win the main prize you still have a chance of winning if you tag lots of other bloggers!
When you enter your blog post into the linky below, don't forget to mention in the post that it is an entry into the Mellow Mummy "I Made This" meme competition with a link back to this page so that other people know about the competition too (alternatively you can use the badge code below). Also don't forget to mention if someone tagged you or told you about the prize. And finally, HAVE FUN thinking about what gives you the "I Made This" feeling.

Mellow Mummy I Made This Meme

This is my entry into the Mellow Mummy "I Made This" meme competition

I challenge

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  1. That's a lovely idea. I have lots of small cross stitched pictures I'm never sure what to do with so I could do something similar to this to put them all together :)

  2. Oh that's beautiful. I really should cross stitch something for my two girls - I haven't done anything for years but that's such a nice idea. We love Winnie the Pooh too but my eldest calls him "Piglet Pooh"

  3. Those are lovely. I never thought of doing something like that with my cross stiches. I must get them out of my drawer and try it

  4. They are lovely. I tried a cross stitch once and stitched piglets nose where his ear should have been!!!!

  5. I should of said this blanket took approx 300hrs to make, so not something to undertake lightly

  6. Oh dear, you have really picked the wrong person. If there was a prize for the person who has NEVER made anything in her life, I'd win that no doubt.
    I have never:
    used a needle or those sticks for knitting
    did any craft-thing whatsoever, not even put some beads on a chain
    baked a cake, cupcake, cookie or anything that your average 6 year old knows how to do
    I could continue, but the reality is that I've never had the vocation/desire for such things, sorry.
    I admire all your creativity and craft and I shall hide in the corner whilst you battle this out.

    1. well thank you for being so honest. Im sure you have talents I do not.

  7. What a lovely blanket and so special for your grandchildren to have something made by you. Bless that she was less than 4lb :) I would love to have something to keep that my granny had made but she wasn't the making, baking type. She was however a keen gardener so I remember her every time I dead head flowers, weird but comforting all the same.

  8. Cross-stick has always been one of my hobbies too. Whenever friends had babies and then when I had my own I would always make a special birth sampler similar to those that you have made as I think they make a lovely keepsake. I guess with baby no. 3 on the way it's time I started to think about my next design!!


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