Sunday, 18 November 2012

Birthday Cakes

We have a few too many birthdays in this family between the 27th October and 28th November, two of which took place this week.

Daughter No.3 was twenty one  again on Friday and Fifi was ten today. Not quite sure how she managed to get that old when I a only twenty nine.

Fifi asked me way back in April when we made her brother a No 6 cake covered in sweets for his birthday of she could have one as she has not had a number cake covered in sweets before if she could have one and decorate it herself for her birthday.

So on Friday I had the children over, I work weekends and don't have the patience to do it after work, and Fifi would be too busy today too want to come over anyway.

First off Fifi decorated the cakes for Auntie H.

an H for Auntie H

Next off Fifi made her one. As she was ten this year she had worked out she would need two cakes, and wanted the zero making for her and said we could make the one for Bob so he could have some.

Fifi's 0

Then we did Bobs cake

Bobs 1

and the finished result complete with the birthday girl. Now normally I would have put the two cakes together so they looked more like a number ten, but they have to be kept separate for cross contamination reasons. 

the finished result


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