Sunday, 4 November 2012

Project 366 309/366

We all went out for a nice walk in the autumnal sunshine after I got back from work today, a nice relaxing walk round the park where we watched the wildlife and admired the seasonal colours. Cheated and made a collage as not sure which to share with you.

squirrel rozelle park ayr fungi autumnal

top - Nice red leaves on the bush
Middle -  a squirrel eating bread hubby threw for it, a look up an autumnal hill, a close up of tree bark and a random bracelet hanging on a tree
bottom small mushrooms inside the overhang of a tree and a fungi that looks more like a sea anemone.

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  1. SQUIRREL! And look how close you got! I love squirrels, I declared to Husband recently that all squirrels from now on should be known as 'Terry' know, Terry Nutkins/Squirrel Nutkin?! Aaaanyway, I love your photo of Terry and the large mushroom is stunning, there really are some interesting fungi out there. Thanks for linking up :-)


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