Saturday, 1 December 2012

Allergy free Christmas recipes - Part 1 - Mince Pies

Just because you have allergies does not mean you cannot have some nice seasonal food. Just because we cannot buy them tailored to all the needs Bob has does not mean I cannot make some.

So first up  - I made a batch of Helens Chocolate Mincemeat - you can view her recipe here, but I have adapted it to be dairy free by using carob instead of dark chocolate.

The resulting mincemeat I have used to make

Easy Gluten free mince pies

Take a loaf of gluten free bread
cut the crusts off and
roll flat with a rolling pin to make a denser base.

Spread the slice with dairy free margarine
then cut circles out to suit your cake tin
place in the tin, margarine side out

Fill with mincemeat, and use offcuts to make lids, or use fresh slices and cut more circles.

Sprinkle with coconut sugar and cook for to mins at 180 oC

These make very nice mince pies and I find this an awful lot easier than gluten free pastry.

I have also made g/f  Christmas pudding here
and g/f coconut butter icing Snowman and wreath cakes here 

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  1. good idea using the bread - I might try them with some flour tortillas I have in the freezer
    Thanks for the mention too.

    1. never thought of tortillas, can you let me know if it works


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