Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Eve fun.

I started a tradition with my own children of making mince pies for Santa Claus, once a tradition is started it must be continued, so I now make them with Fifi and Bob makes krispie cakes for him and the elves with allergies.

It gives the children something to do on a day when they are as high as kites, and gives my daughter chance to organise things back at her house ready for the big man himself.

they made a Santa, A S for Santa and a R for the granddaughter, 

Choc  Krispies

seem to have lost the rest of these photos, and cant retake them as they have all been eaten

Chocolate truffles
melt soya cream and soya chocolate

add gluten free cake crumbs

stir crumbs into melted choc

throw in a tub and cool,

then shape into wee balls and roll in cocoa powder, need to use your imagination for this last picture.

We had half darth vadar half spiderman for a visit.

Next off we had to pick up daughter No3 from her work as she finished after the  buses stopped running . She works in pizza hut so we took Fifi along for something to eat. 

using the puzzle book

eating the ice cream

You can see our boxing day fun here

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  1. I love it when all the real chores are done and Christmas eve is just about having fun making thins you enjoy!


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