Monday, 3 October 2011

Ka'lide Review

I was one of the lucky bloggers to have been sent a game of Kalide Game by Imagination.thanks to  the wonderful people over at blog doing all the hard work on behalf of grateful bloggers like myself.

It advertises itself as
the mat with its two different coloured ends
Play one-on-one or in teams as you flick and flip your way to winning the all-new, exciting magnetic game Ka’lide! Flick your magnetic pucks to bend around your opponents’ or flip your pucks over and use their magnetic power to repel your opponent’s pucks off the mat and out of the game. Expertly create puck clusters and you could double, triple and even quadruple your score.
and is suitable for age 8+ and 2 or more players, and retails at £19.99.

some of the magnetic pucks
The box contains a strange feeling roll up rubbery type mat, shaded red at one end and yellow at the other, with twelve very strong magnetic pucks and a set of instructions.

Its instructions are quite simple, flick your puck from your end of the mat to your scoring area at the other end, the person with the highest score wins. You can play in teams, or play knock out to find a winner.

The game itself is not quite as simple as it looks, its actually quite a strategic game, knocking out your opponents pucks, craftily curving yours round theirs to score higher, or use the magnets to attract more pucks to your making your score higher.

Fifi reading the instructions
Fifi found she didn't have the strength to flick the pucks, and kept hurting her finger, so we decided to slide them instead. Our aim was not overly accurate and very few pucks were on the scoring board at the end of a game.

We found the game a bit boring, more suited I think to a bunch of rowdy teenagers than grandma and granddaughter, and I feel its a game you could pull out with friends in for the evening and it would bring out the teenage youth in a group of adult males.

We had more fun playing with the pucks themselves, they repel each other and we were using them to race down the mat to see who could get to the other end first without actually touching the puck. We were then making trains with them by joining up six each and having train races, and Fifi ended up with some very serious fits of the giggles as if you hold them just right one above the other you can get the pucks to jump, spin and turn over.

Our verdict - good quality game mat, heavy well made pucks, but to follow the rules the game was just not for us. we scored it 4 out of 10, but think with a group of  children 2 or 3 years older it would be more fun.

This is a review post for which we received no payment, but were sent the game for free and get to keep it in return for our honest opinions and findings of the product.

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  1. Another fantastic, detailed and honest review! I quite like the look of this game but could imagine your fingers would really hurt after a while! xx


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