Monday 21 November 2011

Mix Tape Monday #3

This weeks theme thrown down by Boo and Me for Mix Tape Monday #3 says

 The last two weeks have generated two amazing up-tempo playlists, so this week *puts on best dicso DJ voice* lets slow things dooooooooown and heat things UP!

Songs that you listen to when you’ve got that lovin’ feelin’

Well I love Honey by  Bobby Goldsboro , but it more sad and slow than loving and slow, tossed up with Slik Forever and Ever, as it sums up me and crabby guts indoors, but no decided to take a song from probably my favourite LP when I was a teenager - LP = flat black plastic disc that made a noise when you place a needle on it and spun it round and round

Rod Stewarts' Atlantic Crossing album had always been a favourite of mine, it had a fast side and a slow side - yep good old LPs had to be turned over half way through back in the day, 

The slow side holds 2 very good tracks Sailing and this one  -  So ladies and Gentlemen I give you

Rod Stewart and I dont want to talk about it, Rod in his hey day.

So think about it, add yours and link up here.. Link up closed


  1. Cool choice! My Mum once danced with Rod Stewart. It is her claim to fame LOL :)

  2. Rod - great choice.

  3. mumofonedotcom - would have been David Essex I would have wanted to dance with then (not now he's old!!)
    Red Rose we could take that the wrong way you know....
    thanks pinkoddy


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