Tuesday 29 November 2011

Review on Bobs Gingerbread Man outfit

he just loved this
Back in October I was lucky enough to win a Halloween costume for Bob and did a blog post on what we thought of it.
So Neal at Fancy Dress outfitters offered to send out a Christmas costume for Bob. Now his mum and I liked the Reindeer costume,  the Robin costume, or the snowman costume but Bob preferred the Gingerbread man costume. 
I was very impressed with this 3 piece costume, it was well designed, well made and well finished. The seams are all well finished and the white decoration is well inserted into the seams. The sleeves have fold back  gloves attached, which makes it easy for the child to use their hands if need be, but cannot loose as they may with separate gloves. The hat has an easy Velcro fastening so a child can get this on and off easily for themselves.

We ordered the 4-6 yr old, and there is a wee bit growth in it for him yet, but it is not too big as to drown him. Look at the size of the grin on his face. We had the video camera set up for something else, well this post here to be exact ,so his mummy just taped this bit whilst she had the camera in her hands anyway  as you will see from the table behind him).

This costume was given to me free of charge for the purposes of this review, but my findings are an honest reflection of my findings

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