Tuesday 8 November 2011

Mix Tape Monday

I saw this over at Boo and Me, it a new meme she is running, and thought I would join in.

A song that A song that makes you want to get up and dance is this weeks theme.

Well that for me was easy, I remember being a teenager in the 70's and there were masses of dances trailed over from the 60's and plenty more from the 70's - The slosh, The Time warp, The Twist.

I was never much good at this dancing lark, Im about as co-ordinated as an elephant on rollerskates with 4 left feet, and when your a teenager it matters - now I will go dance and to hang with what the rest of the world think.

Well then my favourite band at the time were Mud - loved everything they did and there gorgeous drummer Dave Mount was to drool over!! (Also did a very sad song Lonely this Christmas which remains to this day in my top 3 Christmas songs, but thats for another week).

Then they brought out a dance I could do, it only really required using your feet, you didnt need your arms all that much so I was in my element - So ladies and gentleman I give you -

                                      Mud - Tiger Feet

Unfortunatley you dont see much of the drummer!!

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