Saturday 5 November 2011

What we did on Thursday evening

I feel I have not blogged about the kids for a while, apart from us baking and trying out new products, but believe me we are just normal people apart from that and we just do normal things.

rolls and cheese spread
I had made gammon on Wednesday night with enough left over for tonight, but my bright OH put some apples and a kiwi fruit in the slow cooker with it whilst I was out, and Bob is allergic to Kiwi so I had to come up with something else for his tea.
pasta and cheese
home made cheese spread
So on Thursday evening Fifi rolled out the cheese rolls and banana rolls I had made earlier for Bob. We then made some cheese spread using dairy free spread and cheezley cheese we had been given to go with them for Bobs' tea. I also used this to make him pasta and grated cheese. The rest of us had the gammon with tatties and veg

 Also got Fifi to mash some bananas and we made banana custard having made milk with our new milk maker from ukjuicers, which we then use to make a sultana bread and butter pudding with - this has become a firm favourite with the kids since we made the first one a last month.

on the floor under supervision
yum carrot says Grubber

We then brought in the guinea pigs for their evening run around the kitchen, Bob can be a bit rough and nearly squashes them but they survive.

 They like to eat hair as daughter No2 and Fifi have both found out with their long hair.

stroking him

Guts gets carrot as well

We played a few games and popped Bob in for a bath as he had been splatter painting with a toothbrush at school and was a bit pink.

 As I had picked them up a bit earlier than usual so Bob had not done his homework, so I got the pleasure of reading his new book with him "The little Red Hen" (the animals on our book were different but story the same). Basically the hen grows wheat which she turns into bread.This gave us a brilliant opportunity to talk about bread coming from wheat and how Bob cant eat it.

We had a story and Bob went to bed, so Fifi and I used a product that her and her mum needed to do a review on but mum has been to busy to do with Fifis' birthday party being tomorrow night.

Then I popped Fifi off to bed, so just a normal family evening really.

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