Wednesday 9 November 2011

Mu Cheese

Turn meal times into MU-times with exciting new MU cheese!

Here to shake up meal times for mums, MU is a brand new, fun and tasty cheese which will have kids asking for more! Available in handy grated and sliced packs as well as blocks MU turns meal times into MU-times!

the cheese and the nice bag it came in
MU’s delicious, rich flavour is a winner for the whole family, making it easier than ever for mums to get creative in the kitchen and keep everyone happy. Why not get kids involved in the kitchen and make yummy cheese straws? Just roll out ready to roll pastry and fill with slices of MU Medium Cheddar then bake in the oven! Hungry families will love making colourful pizzas with vegetable faces topped with MU Mild Cheddar for a mouth watering midweek meal. You can even create mini jacket potatoes for little tummies using baked new potatoes – you’d be surprised how many kids like a stronger flavour, so try topping with a sprinkling of MU Mature Grated. 
MU is also ideal for family favourites such as cheese on toast and classic sandwiches. Available in six exciting varieties from Tesco, MU’s eye catching packaging will be loved by kids and adults alike. MU is perfect for cheese loving families and mums who want the pennies to go further but still want the great taste of real cheddar.
Each slice, shaving and curl of MU has been exclusively sourced from the UK and Ireland, from well fed cows to 
fully ensure a delicious taste that will soon have your family moo-ing for more MU! 

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oops first one I got was mouldy

So what did  I think of it?

Well after we got off to a false start in which the first cheese they sent me out was mouldy (which they took very seriously and were looking into the batch it came from) they were kind enough to send me a 2nd batch then I must say it is very nice cheese.

They sent me out a full fat mature cheddar and the mature lighter cheese. The cheeses were both a nice firm cheese, they sliced well and were very very easy to grate. No left with chunks falling off it literally grated right down to the end.

the low fat grated

My oh is VERY fussy when it comes to anything "healthy" and will not try many lot fat/sugar/salt stuff and will dismiss it as horrible without it passing his lips. But he was picking away at the low fat one I grated and coming back for more bits ( for which he got a grater across the back of the knuckles!!)

So far we have used this sliced on top of beefburgers, made into cheesy potatoes, and last night mixed through and added to the top of a
                                                                                       home made loaf.

home made cheese bread

cheesy potatoes and beans

This is a review post ,the cheese was given to me to review, and this post is an honest review of my findings. (maybe too honest this time...sorry Mu cheese)


  1. Not too honest at all! No such thing! The cheese bread looked gorgeous. :O) A thorough and well written review. A great read as always :O)

  2. Eep at the mouldy pack! I have been swaying towards buying mature rather than our usual red leicester. Its strange because our children love melted cheese but will not touch it from the fridge under any circumstances in sandwiches, sticks or chunks. Maybe the fun wrapper may lure them into trying it, Love your cheesy bread. I could just rip a chunk of that now and dig in!! Delicious!!

  3. My son Samuel loves cheese so I would be interested to see if he likes it. @clairew137


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