Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kids got allergies? Have you heard of Mediband Wristbands?

Mediband wristbands – silicone wristbands with allergen information printed on, eye-catching, hard-wearing, and cheap (about £3.50 each!)  Available from www.mediband.com (but be prepared to pay high postage, approx £3.50 for 2, but you pay by weight, these come from Australia),

Mediband say

Medical Bracelets, Medical Jewelry & Medical Awareness Products

Medical Wristbands provide peace of mind so that when the unexpected happens, critical medical information will be conveyed to the professionals that need to know. Protect your family, loved ones, and yourself.
We cater for conditions such as Diabetes and Epilepsy, Drug Allergies to medications such as penicillin and Food Allergies to products such as peanuts, dairy and eggs. So whether you need an allergy bracelet, a general medical bracelet or other medical alert jewelry, we have all this and more in stock.
  • Insure against incorrect diagnosis
  • Raise awareness of conditions
  • Vital information to help others help you

You can get these made up with anything you want on, Bob wears 3 of them permanently, they never come off, and he never frets about them he just accepts they are normal.

 I really feel these are a fab idea, imagine your involved in a car accident and your unconscious ( or worse) and your child needs treatment. Or they wander away in a shopping cente and a security guard gives them a sweetie till mummy can come.
People that come into every day contact with your children know them but strangers may not.

I keep on at my daughter to get Bobs CHI number or one, what better way in the event of an accident?

allergy Essex sell them now too, cost here £3.50 as well, and I have been told they they are available in some branches of Morrisons pharmacy. Why not talk to your pharmacist and get him to stock some?

To give you some idea, Bob is 16kg and  90cm tall, he wears the age 2-4 and they are generous on him.

Have an update from mediband themselves after they read my post and they said

Hi Elaine, thanks for the write-up :-) We also have distributors in the UK and Ireland, so that you don't need to pay high postage from Australia. We're also starting to be sold in select pharmacies in the UK. Hope this helps :-) Have a look at the following map for locations and distributor contact details: http://www.mediband.com/p18/Find-Distributors-&-Stockists/pages.html

Wristband, Stockist, Distributor, Reseller, medical id, chemist, pharmacy View the entire Mediband Medical Wristband product range including medical id bracelets and medical alert jewlery. - Wristband, Stockist, Distributor, Reseller, medical id, chemist, pharmacy

Hope this may be of use to some of you, thanks Mediband


  1. These are great, its amazing how even the Grandparents sometimes forget about the food intollerances, this might help to remind them.

    1. yes when Bob was much younger, and not old enough to understand about dangerous foods, my daughter got tshirts printed up saying -"Do not feed - I have severe food allergies" and he wore this whenever he was out, be it in playgroup, toddlers, on holiday, where ever. She had them in different sizes so they could go on top of his coat as well, So many people will hand a kid a sweet or biscuit without thinking if they feeding their own.

    2. These wristbands are also looking very trendy. Even kids would love ti wear these types of bands. I think this a good medical tag for any toddler.

    3. yes Bob is more than happy to wear them, and as they are comfortable then they never need be taken off, and these sort of bracelets are quite trendy

  2. Hello, i just found cheap rubber wristbands and i really enjoyed that thank you :)


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