Friday, 3 February 2012

Other people need a self help group too

Living with children like Bob is very stressful and my daughter is often left feeling like everything is her fault and that the whole world is against her.

At the moment she is living with the fact that instead of  being “normal” and going to school 9-3 Monday to Friday along with every other child in the school, “normal” for Bob has had to become 9-12 Monday,Wednesday and Friday. This has been arranged between his mum, his school and the local council on the advice of his paediatrician. Weeks like this week he was not well enough to do even that, was only in two days so even that is not guaranteed.

I ran a few posts at the end of January to highlight Food allergy and awareness week, as I really felt it needed highlighting. I did it from three different perspectives. The traumas of a mothers perspective one highlighting Its not as easy as it first appears  and also The real impact 

This brought in replies such as “Two of my four had food allergies... including my first who was a very unsettled baby and I just put it down to incompetent parenting. Getting her diagnosed was just the beginning”

and “It's good to know there's a little community of families going through the same crazy stuff and it would be great to share findings!”

“She must feel so alone with all her problems sometimes, it's such a shame there isn't a support group she could go to”

So as a family we realise there is a sad need for some sort of support group for people in the same boat as us – living with food allergy children, so we have decided we need to start one up.

Somewhere where people can read about others in the same boat, where they realise its not all their fault and where they can pour their heart out without being judged or criticised. Where they can find offers of support, hints and tips, or ways of coping, things that have worked for other people that have to be worth a try for your child.

We have ideas in mind but no matter how this comes about or how humble its beginnings we are going to need funding, not easy to come by in this day and age with every official body making comebacks.

We have thought of varying ways to make this money, your usual car boot sales, good old e-bay or gumtree, but one of the ways that was brought to our attention by a friend who has tried it was to get  cash for gold   She sold on a few bits and pieces, stuff that was damaged or broken, or she had lost one of a pair of earrings etc. So if my tweets for odd bits don’t make sense you know why I am asking in the near future. Click the above cash for gold link, and go and see for yourself what it is all about.

So before long we are hoping to start with a website and build up to who knows what – big trees from little acorns grow. 

This is a sponsored post.


  1. That is the most subtle sponsored post i have ever read, lol! I think it is a fantastic idea to get a support group / website up and running. Fabulous idea and as you say....from little acorns....

  2. The head of our local community group knows all about funding, she suggested a few for our toddler group. I will see what I can find out. Some local libraries will let small groups meet up free of charge, or even meeting at a child friendly cafe can be an option for a local group.


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