Monday, 6 February 2012

Project 366 #37

Well most of you will be putting in snow pictures, well we have no snow here so Im snookered for that idea. But last week we have one really cold day giving us frost and frozen pond. I took this picture whilst walking the dog, the sun had got to one small edge of the pond over the trees and hag thawed it off, the rest was still frozen. The reflection in the water shows the green trees on the far away banking.

The clear blue sky has reflected beautifully as well, and you can see the ice on the water that has not defrosted as the sun has not reached that far, and it was 3pm so would not have done later in the day either

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  1. Love reflection photographs this is really pretty x

  2. That is a beautiful shot! Really clever!

  3. That is a superb shot, really clever composition and editing. Good work missus.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Lovely shot, love the reflection and the ice

  5. THis is such a beautiful shot - I love the crystal clear reflection!

  6. thank you all, loving this new camera


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