Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Happy 6th birthday to a wonderful grandson.

Uncle S with you on our first meeting
You came into this world the best part of two weeks late, and caused us all a lot of trauma ever since, but we love you just as you are, warts and all.

Grandma and granddad first saw you at a week old, once you were home we came down to see you all. Uncle S came with us as well, just as he had when your sister was born.

We did not see a lot of you when you were younger as mummy and daddy as well as granddad and I were always busy and at the time you lived so far away.

you and short dog Christmas 2007.
But then when you were 15 months old you and mummy and Fifi  came up for a two week holiday, and just didnt go back.

Christmas day when you were 20 months old was lots of fun, with a competition between you and the dog to see who could open the most presents, I think you won.

cranes with granddad April 2010
You and granddad have always had a special bond, doing daft things like bug hunting or playing with your crane

We have done many things with you over the years, we have even taken you down to Culzean Castle, the castle they named after you!!

Auchencruive March2011

We had a fab day with the bubble man at Auchencruive, which gave me the fab photo for my blog. Auchencruive is brilliant, you love the keep fit track there, not to mention the apple tree where granddad sticks you on his shoulders while you pick the apples off the tree.

We play games, we run around the park we make and bake lots of different foods, and I'm sure we have many more fun things to do together on our fun Monday evenings over the coming years.

birthday cuddles with granddad

Thank you for being you and enriching our lives. Happy 6th Birthday Grandson.

Click this link to see Bob and his birthday cake they are my Project 366 photo of the day.  Why not pop over and have look, turned out much better than I expected it to.


  1. That is so lovely! What an amazing gran you are x

  2. aaahhh thank you Nikki. I had a good relationship with my grandparents and have many happy memories of them, I want my grandchildren to have the same.


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