Sunday, 15 April 2012

Project 366 #106

Looking for slightly different inspiration today.Didn't get dog out for a walk yesterday,  so decided we would take her a walk along the beach just before sunset, as I wanted to grab a bag of chips on the way home.

Not the best sunset I have seen here on the west coast, but its what was on offer tonight, so I have taken the picture in panoramic, crop off some of the sky to apply the rule of 1/3rds and added a border, would look nice on the wall as a picture.

ps cos its panoramic you are going to have to get a kink in your neck as wont fit normally.

Sunset over Arran, Ayrshire


  1. Beautiful photo! Very well taken x

    1. thank you, think it is the picmonkey frame that I added that made the difference

  2. great sunset! I've taken a few panoramic pics but haven't put them on as they would be so small to fit...didn't think to put it this way up!
    Hope you enjoyed your lucky thing!

  3. I did try it originally normal way but you cant see it for side bars etc, most people these days have laptops etc so it is easy turn. Now you know the secret I look forward to seeing yours


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