Sunday, 22 April 2012

Project 366 113/366

Project 366 is about an insight into other peoples lives, the way they tick, the weird things that make them who they are, and the daft things that makes them unique from everybody else.

So today I thought I would share this with you, it is two pictures that work together to tell a story.

That story is - daughter No 2 (T) is like me she cannot stand a clock ticking at night when she is trying to sleep. In the spare bedroom is this 

My Winnie the Pooh clock that was in the computer room when we lived on the farm along with lots of other pooh stuff that the children kept buying for me knowing my love of all things Winnnie.
Now this being a clock it ticks, so when T comes to stay she takes it down and puts it out in the hall, which in itself is fine...but she never ever puts  it back up and this really irks OH.

We had a laugh one time when she took it down because behind it was a sign;

that OH had printed up on the computer and stuck it where it cannot be seen when the clock is up.

Just another mad example of what makes us us.

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  1. Haha! I can imagine my stepfather doing that - his house is full of clocks and I find the noise quite soothing!


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