Sunday, 29 April 2012

Project 366 120/366

Whilst I had the oven on making fish and chips for tea, cant say as I enjoyed it at all, it was suppose to be good quality ete etc but the maker's opinion must be different than mine.

Anyway I digress, thought if I was going to put the oven on I might as well throw in a cake for supper. I knew I had plenty of strawberries needing used up, so I made a flat sponge and once it was cool  topped with a red quick jel and some fresh strawberries....and very yummy it was too.

ps I must learn to get out more, I think five of my last seven have been


  1. I'll let you have a big squirt of my cream to go on the top of that...lovely!

  2. Mmmmm I fancy some strawberries now but we don't have any. Will have to settle for fresh pineapple - almost as good :)

  3. that look delicious! yum yum yum


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