Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tesco new free from cheese and cheese spread.

A few months back I was sent some free samples from Bute Island sheese, and my biggest complaint with this types of product is the fact it does not melt therefore you cannot make toasted cheese or pizzas with them.

So when Bute Island foods informed me they were bringing out a new dairy free cheese product but under the Tesco free from label that actually melts then I knew we had to try it.

Tesco have brought out a large free from range, from alternative milks, yoghurts, desserts, cheese and cheese spread, you can read about them here. These products are not available in all shops but they do have a list of shops they are available in.

I bought a cheese and a cheese spread to try out. First off we tried the cheese. It has a fairly normal texture, and I found it edible, although Daughter No1 and OH did not like it.
top normal cheese, bottom Tesco new free from

the cheese melted when baked inside the roll

One of the things I had experimented with with the sheese was cheesy bread. So we tried this again with this product and had very acceptable results. The cheese melts pretty much like a normal cheese, and once melted it tastes very acceptable.

I made a loaf of bread using Kamut Flour  which was very nice.

With the cheese spread we decided to make a cheesecake. I had experimented last week with "normal cheesecake" to a recipe that could be converted exactly to dairy free. I tried a small dip of the finger of this stuff but must admit I  was not keen, it had ( for me) an unpleasant after taste. In appearance it looks very like polyfilla, sort of grey and heavy looking. not as light as normal dairy stuff.

I crushed up  approx 200g of  the biscuits I made , and added them to 100g melted margarine, press into a tin to form a base and leave to set. Please appreciate that gluten free biscuits are softer than normal biscuits, and therefore the base is not as crunchy as a normal base.

I creamed 250 g of the tub of cheese spread and mixed in 50g icing sugar. To flavour I made up half a raspberry jelly in approx 3oz water and left to cool slightly before adding to the creamed mixture.

The resulting cheese cake was acceptable edible, even Oh was happy to eat it. By no stretch was it as light as  the one I had made last week with normal dairy items.

But I did notice that Tesco had a recipe on their site for a cheesecake, though it does use products we cannot use.

This is not a review posting, the products were bought by myself, and the findings are my own. I thought as these are new products that other people may not have seen them or tried them,


  1. Last weeks cheesecake with cream cheese was light and fluffy. Just the right tang of fruity flavour and the biscuit base was firm and crumbly to bite. I'de certainly eat another slice! This weeks 'cheese-free' recipe was a bit sweeter than i'de usually eat and I found the texture of the filling a bit more gooey than the regular recipe, but it is a great recipe adaptation and i'de have no hesitation in ordering it if I were looking for a safe dessert. I think the recipe works both ways Thank you for sharing!

  2. your cheesecake looks great! Most importantly did Bob like it? My friend's on holiday at the moment but I have her sheese in my fridge ready for when she comes back & I'm sure she'll be on the lookout for the melty sheese.
    oh & check you out with your posh photography!!

  3. Yes Helen Bob thought it was fab, and ate a big piece. My photography has been worked on with the Project 366 as I knew I needed to improve my foodie pics as they were not as good as they could be if Im going to progress. (Would like some photo software to review if any company wants to send me some)


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