Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Using Kamut flour

I picked this as part of last months Healthy Supplies parcel and decided as Bob and Daughter No3 were both needing fed and I had some cheese I wanted to try out for him that I would make bread.

Now No3  was here when I started to make this  and we had a laugh as she said to me "That stuff was used by the Pharaohs in Egypt you know"  To which I made some sarcastic remark of "oooh get you....your education not totally wasted then daughter dear" and I got a "No I can read  - its written here on the packet"

So what is Kamut Flour? According to All About grains

Kamut® is a Brand of khorasan wheat. Kamut® is a close relative to wheat whose kernel. Its about the same shape as a wheat seed but a Kamut® kernel is more than twice as big. Even though Kamut® is very closely related to wheat, many people who are wheat intolerant can eat Kamut® with no problems. Kamut® also has some pretty amazing nutritional strengths. And as an amazingly versatile grain, Kamut® can be used in place of all the different wheats; the hard and soft varieties and also durum wheat.
The fact that many people who are allergic to wheat and can tolerate Kamut® is probably the biggest reason Kamut® has made real inroads into the health food markets.

So being the lazy human being I am I popped the ingredients into my bread maker. The back of the packet says

 500g flour
the cheese melted in the middle
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon quick yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
375ml warm water
2 tbsp oil
 into which I out 3oz of the grated "cheese"

Once the machine had done its job, I knocked the mix back and split it into two, one lot I made into a loaf and the other into six rolls. Left them to double in size and put into a preheated oven, the rolls took approx 12 mins and the bread 25 mins.

in the breadmaker
cheese topped rolls. 
I was very very impressed with this gluten free flour, well I must have ordered it thinking it was gluten free but on doing my research for this post it turns out it is not.

Bob eating toast and cheese.

It rose well, it cooked up very normally, and it tasted light, and very flavoursome.

Bob loved it, as I say did not realise was not gluten free but he seemed ok with it, no abdominal pains or things. Will need to try him again with it as it so far the nicest bread I have made for him.


  1. The bread rolls were very,very tasty. Not at all 'heavy' as they can be when made with gluten free flour. This Kamut could revolutionise diets for those of us who can't stomach gluten Finally a safe flour that cooks like the usual flour.And, of course, a round of applause for the baker!! :0)

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    2. Im hoping Bob will carry on tolerating this, and as you say make life more bearable for him and others like him, and the baker blushes at the round of applause.

  2. The dairy free cheese and sun dried tomato bread was delicious!! It was moist, very flavourful and I thoroughly enjoyed it with a cuppa. Im not sure i'de use that particular recipe as a 'sandwich bread' It tastes so good on its own! 10 out of 10 for this one. you've excelled yourself with this :0)

    1. i agree its better cut thick with stuff piled on top, more an open sandwich than 2 bits together.


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