Friday, 4 May 2012

Chicken stew and star anise rice pudding

I did a post the other day for paprika potatoes and had a good response, and people asking me to do more budget cooking posts, so as we tend to cook budget a lot of the time I thought why not, so tonight we have a chicken stew and a rice pudding recipe.

Chicken stew

  • soak 4 oz soya beans in cold water for 2 or 3 hrs
  • drain soya beans, place in a pan with fresh water and either a chicken carcass left from earlier in the week of stock cubes. for a vegetarian option use vegetable stock cubes
  • Cook for 2 hrs ( or 40mins in pressure cooker)
  • remove carcass from pan, and add sliced carrots, and diced potatoes along with 1 tablespoon paprika pepper and cook for 20 mins, then add a few peas or some sweetcorn and cook for another 3 or 4 minutes
  • serve on its own or with crusty bread.
The soya beans add protein and fibre to the stew, help to bulk out but have no real flavour to over power anything.

Star Anise rice pudding.

I made my own soya milk using soya beans  and 2 star anise. I put the anise in with the beans and crushed them up together.  But you can use milk of your choice, dairy or none dairy. 

  • soak the star anise in heated milk. cover and leave for a minimum of an hour to infuse the flavour.
  • remove the anise from the milk and add 6 oz rice to 1.5 pts milk for a thick pudding or 4oz for a milkier pudding
  • add 2 oz sugar and  3 oz sultanas,bring to the boil, then transfer to a casserole dish and cook in the oven for 30 mins, or place into slow cooker and cook for 2 hrs.
much cheaper than buying tins, and the star anise adds a lovely aniseed flavour to the pudding.

The linked items were supplied by Healthy Supplies, the ideas are all my own.

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