Monday, 14 May 2012

Project 366 135/366

Its a Monday night and there are two empty beds upstairs, no grandchildren tonight.

As you may have seen my dog, shorty four paws, wasn't good last Thursday, and had to go the vet. Well we had to take her back again Friday night as they wanted to recheck her.They started her on some new tablets as not really sure what was wrong but were working on two ideas and the tablet would help with either problem.

 Well she had a really really bad night last night and was very very unsettled,  spent the night taking seizures. So we trailed off to the vet again this morning, we were there nearly two hours while they ran numerous tests, including blood tests. They tried both legs and could not get any blood out of either, so they then tried her neck. Could not find anything obvious causing it, with all the tests coming back normal.

So here is poor short today, with her two shaved legs, couldn't get them and her neck in the same pic.
She has slept some today, and hopefully will have a more peaceful night. But did not want to risk having the children in case we need to shoot off to the vet in the middle of the night.

two shaved legs
  Hopefully will have two children over on Wednesday night instead.


  1. aww bless- hope she get's better soon x

  2. I hope they find out what's wrong soon and the meds help. Poor little thing.

    Like the new header by the way x

    1. might be the new meds they started her on on Friday, have stopped them again and she was fine last night. Fingers crossed.
      Thank you for comment on new header, made as a collage from pictures I have taken, got the same one on my Facebook page.

  3. Aww poor wee thing. Get better soon cutie pup

    1. she had a settled night last night and thankfully so did I and she has been much more herself today, we even managed a walk out the back door round the side and back again...just


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