Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Project 366 130/366

Lovely day again today here, another tee shirt day,so now that the dog struggles to reach the back door let alone go for a walk we have been going to a few local places we have not been too for a year or two as they have become just too much for her, so we trundled off this afternoon with a camera each to take pictures.

We went up the top of the hill to Greenan Castle. I'm surprised its not fenced off to the public as there is easily an eighty foot drop to the beach below, with nothing really to stop you going off the edge.

I took quite a lot of pictures, and not really sure which to share with you, so I am sharing this one with you, made it black and white to make it dramatic and aged it to look like its old, and I have added some more for you to enjoy, to enjoy them at their best click them up to full screen, just click this link

This is the view to your left up at the castle. The tide was right in so it made panoramic shots quite difficult as I wanted the sea in but then found it difficult to find anything to line it up with as the harbour was so far away. It was also quite difficult to pick out Arran as the sun was reflecting off the water but it was hazy out over the sea so was difficult to distinguish between the sea, the sky and Arran on the horizon in the middle.

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